Planning a Party

Your Checklist for Throwing a Latina Home Party

Latina Home Party – Planning Checklist

Are you taking part for the first time or are you already a well-seasoned Host? Do you want to give more Home Parties? To help you here follow our simple checklist and throw in a bit of your own creativity – that should give you a perfect Home Party! Share and read more tips on our website – the central platform full of inspiration to make every Home Party unforgettable.


Spread the Word!

  • The type of party determines who will be coming. Make the invitation personal and ask your guests to confirm quickly. Keep in mind that during your Home Party the guests will be able to try out new products, so be sure to invite people who will find this interesting.
  • Share your excitement for your next Home Party online to give your guests even more reasons to come. On your personal party page guests can even leave comments before the party date – the fun has already begun! Don’t forget to share your Home Party ideas with the other Hosts too.
  • The more people, the merrier. Note that guests might cancel at the last moment. To guarantee at least 10 guests, it’s advisable to invite double that number or more. This is a chance for you to get to know new people too. You could for example get your friends to bring along 2 of their own good friends. Mi casa es su casa!

Get the Most out of Your Party Theme

  • Decorate and set the tone. Whatever your style, deciding what kind of Party you want to give can sometimes be as much fun as the Party itself, especially when you involve your guests. Build your party around the given theme to ensure it will be fun and unforgettable. Use the material from your Party Pack, search online for nice decorative ideas, think up some fabulous party accessories, fancy dress if you want and so on. Please be as creative as possible!
  • Think about your location: How many guests will there be? Do you have enough seats? Do you want to organise the party partly outdoors or only indoors? Choose the rooms that fit in with your type of Home Party and where all your guests can be accommodated, sit, eat, dance and so on.
  • The choice of music can make or break a party. Work out a playlist that fits your Home Party. With Spotify or YouTube you can easily find themed playlists or music suggestions.
  • Read and share party tips with other Hosts and with your guests. Keep the Party Page updated and involve your guests in this pre-party fun. 
  • Think about the entertainment. Are there are topics of discussion that you want to include? How about karaoke, a quiz, mini party-games or do you want to play some videos? You could go to – Party guide lines (Host)The more original the better!
  • Have a thorough command of the product. As the host, you will also want to explain and demonstrate the product as well as possible. So carefully read the background information in the Party Tools, so that you can answer all the questions from your guests. You can also share product information from the pack and show the additional information and videos from the Party Tools on your tablet or PC.

Plan Your Menu

  • Give a personal touch to the food and drink. Try to work around a theme that adds value to your party! Think what you would like to serve – cocktails, finger food, barbecue, dinner, snacks, desserts, juices, bubbles, tapas etc. On the Party site you will find inspiration and downloadable recipes to serve. 
- Keep in mind the preparation time. You don’t want to spend the whole time in the kitchen, so what dishes you can prepare in advance?
- Ask your guests to bring something along. Of course you don’t have to do all the work yourself! Guests can also bring a bottle of wine, make a dessert or snacks. 
Share the menu beforehand = shared anticipation and shared preparation!

Get Everything You Need at Home

  • Check what stuff from the house you can use. Certainly as far as decoration goes you can 
get creative with household stuff to dress up for the theme. Read and share more creative inspiration on the Party page.
  • Create a checklist of party-materials that you still want to add. To make it easier to clean up after the party you can opt for plastic plates or a paper tablecloth for example. Also don’t forget what items you need to be able serve your drinks and menu.

The After Buzz

  • Upload all the pictures on your Party Page: upload your Party Picture and ask your guests 
to upload their pictures too so that everyone can enjoy them. Share the best photos online too on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and include the party hashtag (which you can find on the party letter)
  • Make the products better known as well to those who were not there. Also write a word of thanks online to our sponsor. The more people we can reach through authentic word-of- mouth, the more Home Parties we can offer with you in the key role!