About Latina House Parties

Hispanic In-Home Influencer Marketing Platform

About Us

Latina House Party is a new kind of influencer marketing agency. We call ourselves a ‘participative agency’ as we focus on empowering consumers to become co-creators of brand content, engagement, packaging, insights and product innovation. Our first ‘peer to peer’ influencer platform is ‘Latina Home Party’. Why the focus on cross-cultural consumers?…buying power and trend setting influence. According to Forbes “The Hispanic community is rapidly becoming the most influential voice in pop culture, business, and politics; their trendsetting impact will make or break the success of those seeking to gain brand popularity, market share and / or win the next election”.

What We Deliver


At-home w/ Culturally Relevant Branded Fiestas


Social Influencers Integration


GeoTargeted Traffic Building


Amplification and Advocacy via Social Network


Brand Trial, Trust, Sentiment and Dash Board Metrics

Other Data Points

  • 55% Hispanics vs. 38% Non-Hispanics – like to touch and feel a product
  • 37% Hispanics vs. 17% Non-Hispanics – reach out to friends and family as ‘sources of information’
  • 36% Hispanics vs. 18% Non-Hispanics – share opinions and write reviews (4X more likely to mention brands)
  • 41% Hispanics vs. 18% Non-Hispanics – follow the trends
  • 31% Hispanics vs. 14% Non-Hispanics – like to try new products first
  • 30% Hispanics vs. 13% Non-Hispanics – like to be first to share with friends


Nielsen’s Global Consumer Trust Survey showed that 92% of consumers rely more on word of mouth marketing and the friends and families than any other forms of advertising recommendations.

  • 6 in 10

Hispanics (56%) mention they stick with “brand I trust” in order to avoid uncertainty of choice. They heavily rely on the recommendation of friends and family as trusted sources of information.



80% of online content is generated by people and not by companies.