About Latina House Parties

Hispanic In-Home Influencer Marketing Platform

About Us

Latina House Party is a new kind of influencer marketing agency. We call ourselves a ‘participative agency’ as we focus on empowering consumers to become co-creators of brand content, engagement, packaging, insights and product innovation. Our first ‘peer to peer’ influencer platform is ‘Latina Home Party’. Why the focus on cross-cultural consumers?…buying power and trend setting influence. According to Forbes “The Hispanic community is rapidly becoming the most influential voice in pop culture, business, and politics; their trendsetting impact will make or break the success of those seeking to gain brand popularity, market share and / or win the next election”.



What We Deliver


At-home w/ Culturally Relevant Branded Fiestas


Social Influencers Integration


GeoTargeted Traffic Building


Amplification and Advocacy via Social Network


Brand Trial, Trust, Sentiment and Dash Board Metrics


Nielsen’s Global Consumer Trust Survey showed that 92% of consumers rely more on word of mouth marketing and the friends and families than any other forms of advertising recommendations.

  • 6 in 10

Hispanics (56%) mention they stick with “brand I trust” in order to avoid uncertainty of choice. They heavily rely on the recommendation of friends and family as trusted sources of information.



80% of online content is generated by people and not by companies. 

Other Data Points

  • 55% Hispanics vs. 38% Non-Hispanics – like to touch and feel a product
  • 37% Hispanics vs. 17% Non-Hispanics – reach out to friends and family as ‘sources of information’
  • 36% Hispanics vs. 18% Non-Hispanics – share opinions and write reviews (4X more likely to mention brands)
  • 41% Hispanics vs. 18% Non-Hispanics – follow the trends
  • 31% Hispanics vs. 14% Non-Hispanics – like to try new products first
  • 30% Hispanics vs. 13% Non-Hispanics – like to be first to share with friends